March 6 ~ 8, 2015
presented by
Herbalist and Author Darcy Williamson
Your liver is one of your body’s busiest organs. Among its many jobs are to produce bile for digesting fats, cleanse the blood of toxic juice fastsubstances such as environmental toxins, alcohol and prescription drugs, and turn stored sugar into usable sugar when the body’s glucose level dips below normal.

Cleansing the liver helps it produce better, more efficient bile. That helps your body flush toxins and break down fat more effectively. It also makes more energy-giving nutrients available to your body and reduces strain on your digestive and immune systems. Your elimination improves, and your colon is relieved of unnecessary burdens.

river from deckThis three-day cleanse will feature liver-cleansing super foods, herbal preparations, and sauna therapy.  You can also expect art projects, movies, and just relaxing.

Fee includes lodging Friday and Saturday nights, all meals, and program.  Sunday night lodging may be added on.

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Send registration, lodging request, and dietary restrictions to Darcy at

$50 nonrefundable deposit requested.