with Tracey Kindall

Fully Embodied:
Goddess Archetypes & Chakra Work
Friday, June 16, 2023

Spend a day deeply relaxing into your body. This day is all about experiencing EMBODIED engagement, and we will use the energetic anatomy-map of the Hindu chakras to guide our journey through grounding, emotion, worthiness, love, creative expression, intuition, and awe. Each hour of our day together (outside of our shared meal times) will be focused on nourishing and exploring a specific chakra. Activities will be varied and will include short meditation, engaging the senses, journal reflections, breath work, story listening, Nature immersion, intuitive/imaginative practice, movement, and crafting.

Additionally, the exploration of the mythic, physical, and energetic resonances of each chakra will be accompanied by a story and introduction to a Hindu goddess whose personality and role matches the developmental task of each “wheel of light.” In this way, we will tap into goddess archetypes to broaden and deepen our experience, and to help us assess our personal strengths and challenge areas.

Our overarching goal will be to engage and braid together ALL strands of our awareness (body, mind, soul) so that we experience fully-embodied presence that will continue to soothe and enliven long after the day comes to an end. Leave with a fresh sense of integration, grounded poise, and skills/tools to use at home.

Our day together will also include two fresh, homemade nutritious meals – lunch and dinner.

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each retreat is LIMITED to 8 participants,
begins at 9:00 am and ends at 6:30 pm,
has the option to ADD overnight lodging,
& includes two delicious simple meals

$115 each day retreat with add-on lodging at $65/night.

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