with Charlotte Ashaya Marie
September 29 – October 1, 2023
6:00 pm Friday to 4:00 pm Sunday

Where is the heart space; as a location? 
Within the body, the self, the soul, the cosmos, the collective, the community?
How do we discover this place within us of unconditional love and no harm?

It is said that if you travel inward, within each kosha or layer of awareness, further and deeper, you may find it in your centermost bliss body. Let’s come together to play with the tools and practices to develop a space of Ahimsa within the Self and the Community.

Fostering this space within, we will curl up and snuggle up inside this fall. We invite you to the Haven to discover and to continue this growth of embodiment and expansion. Both figuratively and physically, we will discover Ahimsa, as the leaves begin to fall, rain and change is in air, in the magical Salmon River Canyon.

Example practices could be hearthmath and tonglen meditation, breakthrough breathwork, guided shavasana, yoga nidra, vortex hikes, sacred sauna and cold plunges, energywork to recalibrate the nervous system, a resonance circle in the Lucile caves, and more. You may visit www.mavenshavenidaho.com to imagine all the fun possibilities.

Charlotte Ashaya has been playing at the Haven since 2015, when she discovered meditation retreats. Eventually she was asked to collaborate for a retreat and the rest is history. Having a close relationship to the devas and the elementals of the earth, the Haven is a home away from home. Charlotte Ashaya is a shamanic channel, facilitator of healing, dreamer, and you can learn more about her here.


$600 per queen size accommodation
$400 per twin size
Payment plans are available.
+75 to stay on Thursday or Monday.

This is an all inclusive retreat.

Register by emailing [email protected]; a $50 non refundable fee is required to secure your spot; only 11 spaces available.