May 19 – 23, 2023
with Tracey Kindall

Do you ever find yourself craving peace, belonging, and depth? Do you ever feel called by a mysterious voice at the edge of your awareness? Are you ever haunted by the sense that something – large or small – is missing? Are you hungry for story, for roots, for spirit? Are you thirsty for the power of the WILD FEMININE?

Caring for the Wild Feminine will provide a safe nature-rich place for rest and restoration, as well as a nurturing retreat structure that will lead you back to the WILD FEMININE via connection to Earth, Story, and Spirit.

Over the long weekend, we will work alone and together to slow down, explore silence and the power of story, nurture mythic mind and imagination, sync ourselves to Earth’s rhythms, define what it means to live “untamed” lives, and reconnect with our rich feminine heritage as well as our personal authentic centers.

Lovely Mavens’ Haven in Lucile, Idaho, offers a quiet refuge nestled on the banks of the wild Salmon River and overflowing with life and inspiration. This retreat will include a combination of nature immersion, group and individual activities designed to nurture imagination and connection, discussion, periods of shared silence, and supportive guided meditations. Delicious and simple vegetarian meals will be feed your body and soul, and optional evening sauna sessions will offer a cleansing way to finish your days. During free time, the Haven and its surroundings offer ample opportunities for walking, labyrinth work, river gazing, napping, and space to create.

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Facilitated by Tracey Kindall,
owner & coach, Earth•Story•Spirit
History Teacher, The North Fork School
Instructor, Osher Institute BSU
Folklore Scholar, MS University of Oregon
500RYT Yoga Teacher