June 23 – 26, 2022
with Charlotte Marie Dietz

Welcome to Connecting to Joy; An Elemental Retreat, one of the Haven’s summer retreats. Join us near Summer Solstice, the perfect time to learn and participate in practices connecting with all five elements, our imagination, community, and the elementals who live here.

Each element has its own magick and its own set of spirits who live and move through it. Each element has an overriding energy and being-ness entirely of its own. This is why in places like New Zealand … some rivers are known as autonomous beings. The Salmon River is the most wild river in the United States, as it is undammed (until it makes its way into merging with the Colombia). Come for a weekend of workshops and classes where a skilled set of teachers will guide you into connecting with each element and growing in imagination and relationship here.

  • What are the devas, nature spirts, elementals good at helping us with?
  • Taking life less seriously, more joy, more play, and returning to our childlike sense of wonder.
  • Moving through emotions and experiences into a state of divine neutral love: save the lessons, save the learning, release the rest.
  • “Clearing the slate”: Painting our creative pallets white so we can try again/start over with a blank slate. Helps us to stop recreating old patterns.
  • Feeling through the veils and through the walls of separation.
  • Feeling our senses; opening into new states, expanding our awareness, seeing with new eyes, finding ourselves in ecstatic states of Joy and Play.

Dates: June 23 – 26, 2022 – Solstice Weekend (option to stay Sunday evening to decompress is available)

Cost: Full Price $449/$349 Camping
$399 Early Bird Special until May 31st

To register or for more information: [email protected]
Or contact Charlotte at (208) 850-9284

  • Offerings to expect:
  • Meditation, Shamanic Journeying
  • Trekking and Hiking, Vortex Experiences, Forest Meditation
  • Elemental Astrology, Human Design
  • Sound Healing, Yoga Nidra, Yoga Asana
  • Circling, Kirtan/Call and Respond
  • Sacred Sauna, Fire Ritrual
  • New Moon Ceremony, Elemental Dance, Labyrinth Work
  • Tantric Soul Rest, Ecstatic Body
  • Tarot/Oracle, and so much more.


“Are fairies real?” a question often asked of me.

“I believe so; in my experience they are. Maybe you don’t experience them in a physical sense, the same way you can see and touch in the physical 3-D like you and me … and maybe so. I think most people see a beautiful color, or feel a warm feeling, or smell a beautiful aroma. Maybe it is like when you are walking in nature and everything becomes still and calm. My imagination takes these experiences a step further, and feels the spirit of nature.”

In my personal experience, connecting with the elements and allowing my imagination to wander when I’m deep in the stillness of nature have been the most transformative and “feeling at home” experiences. When I was young and my family was moving into love through some destructive patterns, I would walk outside to communicate, to imagine. My family lived along the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon, and so I would sit under the trees or put my feet in the water and ask the elementals why the humans around me were so hard to be around; why there was yelling and fighting. Years later, patterns unraveled, humans healing … nature spirits are still my favorite connection. Join us at the Haven for a weekend where myself and a skilled team will help lead the group into our own connection.

The retreat officially begins Friday evening through Sunday late afternoon, but we will be available and have optional activities Thursday evening. We encourage people to come a day early or stay a day late to decompress if two days doesn’t feel like quite enough.  Investment is $450 and payment plans are accepted as well as a substantial discount to stay a day late and help us deep clean the Haven. Price includes lodging, all meals, and all activities.  Option to stay a day late or come a day early is either $50 extra dollars or for a trade to help us clean end of retreat.

Contact Charlotte Marie Dietz for registration at (208) 850-9284 or [email protected]

Go to Charlotte’s Website here or dreamingwithcharlotte on Instagram or find me on Facebook; I have a private group called Aligned Creators you are more than welcome to join.