Get Tired, Dirty, Hungry, and Satisfied Working, Playing, Eating, and Resting in Community
April 8-10, 2022

Does spring finally arrive, and after all the anticipation and preparation through the winter, you get to work in your garden and then find you can’t move the next day, or even the whole day?

Do you get out all your shiny packets of seeds, start planting, and only get a fraction of what you set out to do because your back calls it quits? Do you excitedly return home from the nursery with all those glorious orphans who have to wait in their plastic pots for your body to cooperate?

This retreat is our opportunity to leave the pressures of everyday life which can seem to necessitate convenience; we will get down and dirty and remember how good it feels to do good work together.

We will take a close look at our movement diets to see what is missing and where we are compensating. We will practice correcting habitual patterns of moving that cause pain and damage. Then we will learn new ways (really, just remember old ways) of moving that build strength and mobility as we work in our host’s garden, orchard, and landscape.

Each day will begin with a lovely breakfast, hopefully shared outside in the early spring of The Main Salmon River. We will do a morning movement practice to go through the way we bend over, squat, kneel, reach, use our arms and hands, hold our heads, among other moves, and recognize the compensation patterns we have learned to rely on. Then we will practice the strong and supported way to move. This will be the perfect warmup to take us into the gardens and together we will get some good work done. We will break for a midmorning snack, do a few stretches and moves to keep us going, then back to work we go until we gather over lunch.

Following the midday meal, we will have some free time to walk, read, nap or rest. We will come together in the afternoon for a second shorter movement practice to work the kinks out and spend some time talking about movement and how each of us are formed by what we do.

Evening can be spent releasing our dirt and tensions in the sauna, then rinsing off in the River, enjoying one another’s company, or going to bed early!

Arrive Friday, April, 8 between 1:00 and 3:00 PM Mountain Standard Time, ready to gather at 3:00.
Depart Sunday, April 10 at 2:00 PM

Food: Meals cooked and perhaps harvested on site; you will truly be connected to the food on your plate!

Accommodations: Peruse the options here to best suit you.

Cost: $425 includes all meals Friday supper through Sunday lunch

To register, copy/paste the following and send to [email protected]

Retreat Registration Form
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Date range you wish to reserve your bed:
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To hold your accommodation, please send a $50 deposit to:
Kasey Rose, 3427 Fish Lake Road, New Meadows, ID 83654

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Kasey Rose likes to get dirty. And hungry. And tired. She also likes to scrub up, eat good food, and sleep. Kasey is a chore girl, a lover of the outdoors, and a connoisseur of movement. She considers herself a recovering exerciser and now pursues productive movement, such as gardening, cooking using as little “convenience ware” as possible (think kneading, mixing, grating by hand), gathering wild food, and exploring anywhere and everywhere on foot. Kasey lives in Meadows Valley with her husband, two sons, and their trusty dog, Blueberry Muffin.

After what is hopefully the first half of her life spent doing manual labor (farming, big sistering, gardening, rowing, athleting, smokejumping, mothering), Kasey found that her body was not willingly participating in all of her activities. She realized that if she didn’t make some changes in what she was doing, she was going to be facing major interventions like constant intake of anti-inflammatory drugs, surgeries such as joint replacements, and greatly limited physical activity. Kasey was NOT willing to accept these consequences and began the incredibly exciting and rewarding study of biomechanics: the workings of our own bodies. She has been adding back a lot of movement into her life and enthusiastically sharing what she has learned with others. She loves to tell folks that it is not the getting older that is causing the trouble, it is the amount of time we have been misusing our bodies that wears them out. She teaches how to move in daily activities to be strong, rather than broke. She looks forward to working beside you!