October 21 – October 24, 2021

with Charlotte Dietz

A Meditation Retreat focused on entering the depths of the subconscious to create transformation in our lives. Timing is purposefully within in the heart of fall, as we begin to prepare for the darkness of winter.

We will be using Ritual, Yogic practices, Sacred Sauna, Cold Plunging, Tonglen, HeartMath, Ghost Kriya and Mythology of those who have traveled into the other worlds to be resurrected anew.

This retreat is located within the Salmon River vortex of Idaho, where continents once collided, creating the sacred grounds we now benefit from, ancient lands that once were literally under the ocean.

This is an all inclusive retreat Investment is $450 and payment plans are accepted

Option to come a day early/stay a day late for work-trade or $50 per day is given.

Contact Charlotte or Diana to register, or email [email protected] with questions.

Take a moment and settle into your seat. As you exhale, send your energy to the earth. As to get you in the mood:


She stood at the edge of the ship, scanning the sea. The Pacific, currently the darkest blue, lulled her with its rhythm. She called to the sea… asking for the truth of who she was. “Who am I?!??” she yelled into the mist, almost a prayer, which quickly caused the air to take on a more luminous quality. She took a few deep breaths and gazed into the luminous mist.

As her gaze softened and the edges of her awareness opened, from her peripheral view she saw a wizard… hood, robe and all. She suddenly wondered if this was the guide the palm reader had spoken of in New Orleans. As she felt the wizard pass to her right, she could feel he was calling her to follow him.

As she followed the steps of the wizard, she smiled to herself. This was exactly what she had asked for being served to her in a uniquely twisted way. As they approached the starboard side of the ship, the wizard pointed to a wooden chest and shot her a quick wink and a smile. He gestured to the chest with his thumb… “Now THAT… that treasure chest will give you exactly what you’re looking for… but not quite yet…” He knelt to the ground and began to hoist the sealed treasure chest up onto the ledge. He then turned the clasp and opened it just enough to confirm the contents. She saw a textured light glowing from the box and he closed it back.

“Listen, I am always here. I really am. But some journeys we take alone. Or seemingly so.”

“But I’m not taking a journey”

He caught her gaze, “Oh but you are…” and gave her a last wink a smile as he finally pushed the chest over the edge, into the sea. She gasped, “What?!!”

“I wouldn’t delay if I were you….”

“Oh!” … and she hurried to climb over the edge and dive in. As she began to swim down down down, she realized she wasn’t going to survive. She swam deeper, kicking powerfully, reaching for the glowing treasure chest that was sinking out of sight.

Help. Help. Help. HELP. She began breathing in the sea… choking… crying… eyes burning… but not drowning. She remembered the sea represented consciousness just as everything went black.

Let’s do the Deep Self Work together.