September 27-30, 2019
With Tracey Kindall

Feeling overwhelmed by life? Struggling to juggle too many moving parts?women & moon
Lost your way? Forgotten who you are at the roots of your being? Feeling called by something mysterious? Haunted by the sense that something – large or tiny – is missing? Hungry for rest, for story, for roots, for spirit? Thirsty for the power of the WILD FEMININE?

This late-September Earth, Story, Spirit retreat will provide a safe nature-rich place for rest and restoration, as well as a nurturing retreat structure that will lead you back to the WILD FEMININE via connection to Earth, Story, and Spirit.

Lovely Mavens’ Haven in Lucile offers a quiet refuge nestled on the banks of the unfettered Salmon River and overflowing with life and inspiration. This retreat will include focused & relaxed time outside, exercises to nurture imagination and intuition, story-work, journaling, and periods of shared silence interspersed with special-topic discussions, short guided meditations, optional sauna sessions, and delicious vegetarian meals. During free time, the Haven and its surroundings also offer ample opportunities for walking, labyrinth work, river watching, gardening, napping, space to create, an onsite library to explore, and an area to practice personal yoga.

muchaOver the weekend, we will work alone and together to slow down, rediscover our hearts’ deep longings, explore silence and the power of story, nurture mythic mind and imagination, sync ourselves to Earth’s rhythms, define what it means to live “untamed” lives, and reconnect with our rich feminine heritage and inherent wildness.

The retreat will begin at 2:00pm on Friday, September 27, and conclude Monday, September 30, after lunch at 1:00pm. All times are MST.
Guests are expected to arrive Friday afternoon by or before 2:00.
Retreat fee of $390 includes private accommodation and all meals Friday dinner through Monday lunch. View accommodations here. The weekend will be nourished by homemade vegetarian meals using the stored garden bounty of the Haven.

To hold your accommodation, please send the Retreat Registration Form and a $50 deposit to Tracey Kindall, PO Box 326, McCall, 83638.
Questions? please call or email Tracey at 208-271-6583 or [email protected]

Testimonials from students:
“Amazing class! Wonderful, erudite and amazing instructor. I would take any class from her.”

“Excellent instructor. Her knowledge of the subject was outstanding, and her presentation style warm and engaging. She’s the ‘real deal.’ The entire class seemed to enjoy the class as much as I did!”

“She did an excellent job of getting class involvement and answering questions. Her slides were beautiful and her knowledge of the cultures she talked about was impressive. Every class session included a handout with her references and suggestions for further reading on the topic.”

“I really do enjoy your classes and I think you are an excellent teacher. You are so knowledgeable and put the information into a format we can easily digest. Keep doing what you’re doing.”

“Your wonderfully curated, extensive stores of knowledge amaze me.”

“I would definitely recommend taking a class with Tracey. She is very knowledgeable on both mythology and the chakra system. She made me feel welcomed right away and I felt comfortable sharing and asking questions. The class was very insightful and unlocked the imagination.”

“Best. Course. Ever! Tracey was well prepared and extremely knowledgeable about the subject. She handled questions and comments effectively. She is adept at encouraging discussion. Her materials and presentation made the subject matter interesting and engaging. I look forward to taking more of her classes in the future.”

Retreat Registration Form
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Working Itinerary


2:00 Welcome & introductions to one another and to Mavens’ Haven

• Defining our terms – exploring “wild” and “feminine” & a brief history of oppression
• The Power of Story – how the mind & body are wired for story &
• The Story of Our Lives – writing activity

5:30-6:30 Quiet Exploration Time; Walking; Resting

6:30 Dinner

• Inhabiting Mythic Mind / Wild Mind / Child Mind
• The River of Story – applying a fluid metaphor to our life experience
• The Elucidation – a Story

9:00 Guided Meditation

9:30 Quiet time

7:00 Waking bell: hot water in kitchen for tea, lemon water, coffee

7:00-8:30 Morning Time: personal yoga, outdoor meditation, journaling, or walking

8:30 Breakfast

10:00 “Green Being” exercise

10:45 Exploring the power of silence
• nonverbal knowing & right-brain directed thinking
• Lectio Divina applied to the Earth

12:00 Sky Woman – a Story

1:00 Lunch

2:30 Using creativity & metaphor to connect – the power of attribution & empathy
• telling the story of your Green Being – activity
• Urda’s Well and the power of “what once was”

3:45 Relaxation Exercise – drawing sustenance from the body of the Earth, followed by The Buddha & the Bodhi Tree – a Story

4:30-6:30 Quiet Personal Time for nature immersion, reflection, movement, etc.

6:30 Dinner

7:30 Green Being check-in; evening Story, Frau Holle

8:30 Sauna (optional)

7:00 Waking bell: hot water in kitchen for tea, lemon water, coffee

7:00 Morning Time: personal yoga, outdoor meditation, journaling, or walking

8:30 Breakfast

10:00 “Thinning the Veil of Separation:” a Green Being exercise

10:45 What does “Spirit” mean to you? – exploration and discussion
• the Story of Indra’s Net and dependent co-arising
• how our individual story weaves through the stories of others
• expanding our ideas of “being-ness”
• Spirit as “wild” and as “feminine”

12:00 Worlds within Worlds – Oisin & Niamh, a Story

1:00 Lunch

2:30 Exploration and discussion: “How do we foster connection to spirit?”
• practices: gratitude, compassion, presence, belonging, silence, etc.
• timelessness – “right now” as eternity, living in the moment
• creativity as power – co-creating our world, asking “what story am I in?”
• curiosity and wonder as Spirit Guides
• imagination and vision: Shambala Warriors, a Story

3:45 Claiming your Spirit Story – writing your own spirit journey

4:30-6:30 Quiet Personal Time for nature immersion, reflection, movement, etc.

6:30 Dinner

7:30 Spirit Guide guided meditation, followed by a story – Tikkun Olam

8:30 Sauna (optional)


7:00 Waking bell: hot water in kitchen for tea, lemon water, coffee

7:00 Morning Time: personal yoga, outdoor meditation, journaling, or walking

8:30 Breakfast

10:00 The Applied Art of Storytelling
• Saved by storytelling, the Story of Scheherazade
• What does a life lived in sync with the Wild Feminine look like for you?
• Protecting wild mind / child mind – what are your commitments?

10:45 The Wild Story of Our Lives – writing activity

12:00 Closing Story, Cerridwen’s Cauldron followed by reflections

1:00 Lunch and closing – “living our lives in widening circles”

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Your retreat guide will be Tracey Kindall, dedicated teacher & scholar of myth. Tracey holds an MS in Folklore from the University of Oregon, teaches history & myth at the North Fork School, and teaches mythology classes at BSU’s Osher Institute. She is also an RYT500 yoga instructor. She is a passionate lover of nature and story, and offers her work in the service of Earth, Story, and Spirit for the benefit of all beings.