May 17-19, 2019
Presented by Tracey Kindall

This retreat invites participants to rest, de-stress, and get in touch with the power of a unified heart and mind while nestled in the wild beauty of Mavens’ Haven on the Salmon River.

DSCF7909To experience wonder & delight is our birthright, and something most of us do easily as children. Wonder is a quality of the mind, born in our imaginations. Delight is a form of joy, a feeling of the heart. Wonder and delight are linked, just as the qualities of the mind and heart are linked – when the heart is heavy, the mind cannot soar; its capacity for wonder is limited. When the mind is stressed, the heart cannot be open and light; its capacity for delight is compromised.

Supported on our journey by the abundant and emergent energy of spring, we will settle into Mavens’ Haven on Friday afternoon and spend the weekend engaged in practices designed to liberate and nurture the mind and heart, opening them to wonder and delight:

• yoga practices and meditations focused on the heart and third-eye chakras
• listening to short stories and poems from the mythic “well of inspiration”
• practical exercises and discussion to stoke imagination, to explore what it feels like to live whole-heartedly, and to connect with the natural world
• lots of time immersed in both wild and tame nature, practicing generous listening
• optional sauna
• light, healthy, and nourishing vegetarian meals

DSCF7841Over the weekend, we will practice letting go of the left-brain directed need to analyze, control, and direct. We will nurture right-brain directed qualities that encourage creativity, holistic vision, imagination, and intuition. We will also practice being gentle with ourselves and our hearts, encouraging them to relax, open, and soften.


The retreat will conclude Sunday at lunch. See full working itinerary below.
Guests are expected to arrive Friday afternoon by or before 4:00.

Retreat fee of $340 includes private accommodation and all meals Friday dinner through Sunday lunch. View accommodations here. The weekend will be nourished by homemade vegetarian meals using the stored bounty of the Haven.

To hold your accommodation, please send the following and a $50 deposit to Tracey Kindall, PO Box 326, McCall, 83638.


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Accommodation first choice:

Second choice:

Date range you wish to reserve your bed:
Dietary requests and restrictions:
Questions and general requests:


Working Itinerary


4:00 Welcome – connecting with the Haven and each other
5:30 Yoga Asana Practice & Meditation
6:45 Dinner
8:00 Heart Exercise: Letting the Heart Speak
9:00 Guided Meditation
9:30 Quiet Time


6:30 Waking bell, warm lemon water in kitchen
7:00 Morning Nature Time
7:30 Yoga Asana and Meditation
8:45-9:45 Breakfast Available
10:00 Imagination Exercise: Working with Nature

11:30 Personal Investment Time
1:00-2:00 Lunch available
2:30 Imagination Exercise: Generous Listening
3:30 Personal Investment Time
4:30 Yoga asana and meditation
6:00-7:00 Dinner available
7:00 Heart Exercise: Artwork & Discussion on Whole-hearted Living
8:30 Sauna


6:30 Waking bell, warm lemon water in kitchen
7:00 Morning Nature Time
7:30 Yoga Asana and Meditation
8:45-9:45 Breakfast available
10:00 Mind & Heart Exercise: Creating & Connecting
11:30 Group Discussion: challenges, inspirations, insights, & commitments

1:00-2:00 Lunch available 2:00 Closing Ceremony

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Your retreat guide will be Tracey Kindall, dedicated teacher and tirelessly curious seeker of wonder. Tracey is a certified 500RYT yoga educator, director of the McCall Arts & Humanities Council, and folklore scholar with an MS from the University of Oregon. Having successfully homeschooled her own three children through 8-grade, she also now teaches mythology at McCall’s private and internationally-accredited North Fork School. Tracey brings with her a wealth of experience advocating for the power of imagination and story, as well many years’ experience teaching students of all ages. In addition to her other work, Tracey regularly offers classes in mythology, folklore, yoga, and chakra energetics in McCall, and is on the 2019 roster of Osher Institute lecturers. She offers her teachings in the service of Earth, Story, and Spirit.