Mavens’ Haven
April 27-29, 2018
Presented by Renée Silvus, Luminaire

Mediterranean Cuisine by Eva Samaha

Bring yourself and a project, challenge, or goal to Mavens’ Haven for a weekend of support and dedicated work time.

Where are you in the creative process? You may be:
* incubating something new that needs clarity and space to arriveIMG_1062
* looking for inspiration on something in your life
* gathering information on a topic/project and wanting focused time
* feeling stuck in the middle of a project, relationship, or life stage
* ready to implement a project and wanting feedback and accountability
* needing support in some other way

This retreat will provide a structured container that includes:
* a review of the stages in the creative process
* clarity around your current stage and support for the next one
* creativity tricks and tips
* a weekend cohort to listen and share motivationBridge Meditation
* quiet work time in shared space
* dedicated dining table for writing and researching
* dedicated downstairs table for art supplies
* walking techniques for creativity
* yoga asana for brain support
* Maha Mrityunjaya mantra practice for courage, will, and determination
* guided meditations to access body wisdom
* ongoing sauna
* moonlight movement
* fresh, homemade, whole food meals
* accountability structures for post-retreat
* private follow-up coaching/mentoringdeck_n

Did we miss anything? If so, we will create it for you. Don’t have a specific ‘project’ and something here sounds appealing? Perhaps your topic will reveal itself before or even during the retreat. Perhaps you’ll just need a lift out of winter stagnation. Perhaps you just need healing and inspiration.

Retreat fee of $325 includes all meals and a private accommodation Friday dinner through Sunday lunch. Guests are welcome to stay through Sunday night to quietly integrate the weekend and enjoy the Haven.

Please arrive at the Haven between 4:00 and 5:00 pm Mountain Standard Time Friday evening.  McCall is 1 hour and Boise is 3 hours.

Please copy Retreat Registration Form below, paste to an email, and reply to

To hold your space, please send your $50 deposit to PO Box 2115, McCall, 83638, drop off at Renée’s office on Deinhard Lane, or visit the Square storefront link here.

Retreat Registration Formdsc_0791

Accommodation first choice:
Second choice:

Dietary requests and restrictions:

Intended or possible project/s:

Questions and general requests:


Retreat Itinerary
Friday 27 April

6:00 pm Introductions and Agreements
7:00 Supper
8:00 The Creative Process
9:00 Guided Meditation and Shavasana
Sunset 8:45 pm Moonrise 6:30 pm

Saturday 28 April

7:00 Waking Bell
7:30 Yoga Asana and Meditation
8:30-9:00 Breakfast on buffet
9:30 Check-ins & Creativity Tips
10:30 Quiet, shared work space
12:00 Walking Techniques for Creativity
12:15 Walk
1:00 Lunch
2:00 Creativity Tips and Maha Mrityunjaya mantra for courage, will, and determination
3:00 Quiet, shared work space
4:30 Walk or Sauna
6:00 Guided Meditation and Shavasana
6:30 Supper
7:30 Social shared work space
8:30 Full Moon Bridge Movement
9:30 Sauna, Firepit, Social shared work space

Sunset 8:45 pm Moonrise 7:30 pm

Sunday 29 April

7:00 Waking Bell
7:30 Yoga Asana and Meditation
8:30-9:00 Breakfast on buffet
9:30 Check-ins, Review, & Accountability Structures
10:30 Quiet, shared work space
12:00 Maha Mrityunjaya mantra practice
12:15 Walk
1:00 Lunch and Closing

Sunset 8:45 pm
Moonrise 8:30 pm

About Renée
1. Renee 1st. Edit  -6001Renée brings a blend of perspectives as an educator, therapist, and coach.  She offers courses, retreats, community-building events and celebrations with Luminaire.  She taught high school English for 17 years across 5 schools and 2 continents.  Working with diverse student populations taught her creativity in the trenches.  In 2015 she created and implemented a community course in McCall on Creativity & Leadership, unexpectedly leading to the arrival of Luminaire.  Her facilitator training is with Authentic World San Francisco and the Integral Center Boulder, bringing an Integral lens to this topic. She is currently enrolled in yoga studies with the Himalayan Yoga Meditation Tradition. Read more at


About Eva

5. Ladies walking up the path & the Greeting-4199Wholesome and healthy food is Eva’s biggest passion.  She and her husband Telly (Eric) Miller designed their spacious kitchen as the center hub of a kiva-themed house.  Born in Lebanon and raised in California, Eva has been immersed in fresh, creative food her whole life.  She brings her expertise and unflinching standards for healthy food to support our  weekend.

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