October 14-16, 2016

Presented by Renée Silvus, M.A., Luminaire
Co-facilitation with Charlotte Dietz
Mediterranean Cuisine by Eva Samaha

The autumn waning daylight invites us to turn inward. Into stillness.

To meditate is “to bring attention.”  We will weave teachings from Renée’s studies and lineage in India with common forms such as visualization and prayer.  We will practice less common and very useful forms such as tonglen and pranayama.  Why do we include dancing, sauna, and walking in a meditation retreat?  Games?  How may we “bring attention” intentionally in these contexts with respect, curiosity, and a desire to feel presence and heart?

Join us for a weekend of shared and solitary meditation nourished by simple and organic meals.

Come for a weekend of supported silence if you prefer. You may wish for a blend of silence and shared sessions. You may want to snuggle into a wagon and read, nap, and just be still.

Retreat fee of $75 one day or $125 two days includes all meals Saturday breakfast through Monday breakfast.

You are welcome to stay Friday through Sunday nights. Shared meditation sessions will begin Friday night with Guided Restorative Meditation and close Sunday afternoon with Appreciations and Vipassana.

You are invited to arrive Friday afternoon and bring a personal dinner.  We encourage guests to stay through Sunday night to quietly integrate the weekend and enjoy the Haven.

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Haven Lodging  

$35 one night twin shared, $25 multiple nights.river wagon
$75 one night queen private, $50 multiple nights.
$20 per night camping.

Please copy Retreat Registration Form below, paste to an email, and reply to Renée at reneeomrama@gmail.com.

To hold your accommodation, please send a $50 deposit to PO Box 2115, McCall, 83638, drop off at Renée’s office on Deinhard Lane, or visit Square storefront link here.

Meditation Retreat Registration  

Retreat fee, includes facilitation and all meals
$75 One Day
$125 Two Days

Coming just Saturday, Sunday, or both days

Accommodation first choice:
Second choice:

Dietary requests and restrictions:

Questions and general requests:

Meditation Forms

Please delete forms in which you do NOT want to participate this weekend.
Please bold ones where you want instruction or guidance.

Sustained and supported silence all weekendBridge Meditation
Breathwork and Pranayama
Guided  /  Visualizations with Charlotte
Tonglen / Compassionate Exchange
Integral Meditation, 3 Faces of Spirit
3rd person: Kosmic Contemplation
2nd person: with Divine Being
1st person: I Am
Devotion / Bhakti / Prayer
Vipassana / Integral Open Inquiry
Concentration / Counting
Sacred Sauna

Yoga Asana

Haven Accommodations, read more here.

Sheep Wagons
$75 a night / $50 multiple nights
Queen bed, solar lanterns, wood heat, & chamber pot.

Mountain View

Main House Bunkroom
Bottom double and top single bunks. Modern bathroom & shower.

Main House Master Suite
Queen Bed with bathroom and shower.

Vintage Airstream
Twin beds in shared housing.  Solar lanterns, wood heat, toilet.

Aloha Trailer    Double bed
Solar lanterns, chamber pot, propane stove

Aloha Trailer Twin Bed  (reserved)
Solar lanterns, chamber pot, propane stove

Camping    $20 a night

If staying in a bed for one night only, we kindly ask for help with laundry and clean up.

About Renée
1. Renee 1st. Edit  -6001Renée brings a blend of perspectives as an educator, therapist, and coach.  She offers courses, retreats, community-building events and celebrations with Luminaire. Since arriving in Idaho in 2004, she has built a thriving bodywork therapy practice and completed a Whole Health Educator™ and Coaching program with the National Institute of Whole Health.  Her facilitator training is with Authentic World San Francisco and the Integral Center Boulder. She is in the inaugural class of the West Central Mountains Leadership Academy and is assisting in coordinating the 2017 Cohort. She is currently enrolled in yoga studies with the Himalayan Yoga Meditation Tradition. Read more at reneesilvus.com.

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About Charlotte

93bCharlotte Dietz lives by her imagination and her heart.  She loves encouraging and sparking magic in others, reminding them that they are perfect and they are love.  On this Earth, Charlotte’s favorite place is the water, and she can be found there most days meditating or swimming.  She began swimming at a young age, and found it the most peaceful place, for the entire world slows down while she is underwater longer, deeper, working on being more comfortable and more soft with each visit.  Meditation works similar magic.  It enables people to connect to their source, their life force energy, and their upper chakras, and Charlotte loves to share the idea that anything that comes in is valid and true if it feels good and you want to accept it.  She has been a teacher her whole life, and from a very young age children in the neighborhood would gravitate toward her because she knew the most fun things to do!  She has taught early childhood education, swimming, many sports and many creative endeavors, and now offers her facilitating talents for meditation as well. She is also a Reiki Master and lover of this journey we call life.

About Eva

5. Ladies walking up the path & the Greeting-4199

Wholesome and healthy food is Eva’s biggest passion.  She and her husband Telly (Eric) Miller designed their spacious kitchen as the center hub of a kiva-themed house.  Born in Lebanon and raised in California, Eva has been immersed in fresh, creative food her whole life.  She brings her expertise and unflinching standards for healthy food to the simple requirements of a meditation weekend.

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