February 12th, 13th, and 14th ~ 2016

Presented by herbalist and author Darcy Williamson
Fee: $300
Maximum Participant Size: 9
Duration: Three days, three nights, Friday through Sunday
Time: 10:00 A.M. – 7:00 P.M. first two days. Third day, workshop ends at 6:00 P.M. with a light dinner.  Participants are welcome to stay over Sunday night.

Your fee includes lodging on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, an abundance of organic fruits and vegetables for juicing (plus all supplies for the juicing process), herbal teas, project supplies, and saunas plus a detailed workbook on Juice Fasting.

The purpose of this three day “in house” program is formulated to “Revitalize” our systems through fasting by using juices we make from organic fruits and vegetables, combined with flushing toxins from our systems with sauna therapy.

February is a good time to “revitalize”.   Most of us indulge during Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Then New Year’s follows.  January is traditionally the coldest month of the year in North America.  Our bodies naturally crave more carbohydrates, animal protein, fatty foods and sugars to protect it from cold temperatures.  Nature seems to have its way with us and will power takes a break (do I need to remind you of the big Super Bowl indulgences we’ll likely delve into?)  The Holidays, cold frigid temperatures and winter cravings bring about another natural phenomenon. GUILT!

Now one can really do bodily harm by caving into our feelings of guilt!  We browse the latest diet fads, crank up the Zumba routines, skip meals, eat vast quantities of salads, and naturally think that we are undoing the dietary sins that we had indulged in.  True, we shed some of the body fat we stored during early winter, but in doing so, we are releasing toxins from tissue into the blood stream, which must then be filtered through the liver and kidneys.  Our bodies need a “revitalizing” cleanse!

Why a juice fast? Juice fasting cleanses the body while supplying a juice fastdramatic increase in vitamins, minerals and enzymes which help cleanse mucous matter from the lymphatic system and toxins from cells. Why incorporate the sauna during a juice fast?  The sweating process achieved through the use of the sauna gently and safely helps eliminate heavy metals and toxic chemicals released during juice fasting. Medical studies demonstrate that most toxins can be eliminated through the skin, relieving the burden on the kidneys and liver.

During the first morning of the workshop we will “take inventory”. Each participant will focus on their individual wellness issues. Some may wish to relieve toxic burdens carried by the lymphatic system, while others may target the liver or kidneys. In this way, each individual can determine which fruits, vegetables and herbal teas best suits their individual goal. Detailed booklets will be handed out to assist participants in making their choices.

Our days will also be filled with various activities including group discussions, mild exercise, and herbal projects for those who wish to participate.  Plenty of time will be set aside to relax in the library, game and movie rooms.  Or to retire to your individual quarters for a peaceful rest.

wooly britches

We will venture into the forest to gather fresh greens for our juicing, including Watercress, Miner’s Lettuce, Wooly Britches, Stinging Nettle, Chickweed and other tender greens.



Personal hygiene items. Warm clothing. Sturdy footwear for outdoor activities. Bathing suit or toga for saunas (towels will be provided). Optional reading material ~ there is also a well-stocked library at the Haven for reading material.

Contact me at [email protected] or call (208) 634-8701 to reserve your space, accommodation preference, or for more information. You may also sign up on my website, http://www.darcyfromtheforest.com

OFF THE GRID ACCOMMODATIONS with wood heat and solar lantern lights, chamber pots and compost loos. A shower is available in the main Mavens’ Haven quarters, as well as the sauna Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 4:00 to 8:00 P.M.. Your wood stove will be lit and banked for the night by one of the Mavens’ Haven apprentices. Your accommodations will be warm and cozy throughout the day and night. There are two rooms in the main Mavens’ Haven house, as well.