The Mavens' Haven
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Create Your Own Event or Retreat

We invite you to create either a personal or group retreat using our menu of offerings.  You may wish to rent a sheep wagon for a couple nights and just have meals and solitude.  You may wish to plan a mixed weekend of events and quiet.  Using the menu below, contact Renee at to begin planning your perfect getaway.

In the Forest ~ hiking, plant foraging, wild food harvesting and preparation, stream ecology, wilderness skills, guided meditation.

In the Kitchen ~ creative, healthy, and ethnic  cuisines; canning and preserving; brewing medicinal beer.

In the Herbal Studio ~ making salve, soap, and tinctures.

Around the Table ~ knitting, art projects.

By the River ~  beekeeping, creative writing exercises, guided meditation, walking the Hecate Labyrinth.

With Each Other ~ Circling or Intersubjective Meditation, relational-intimacy games, yoga, sauna.

With Just You ~ Whole Health Coaching~ support for nutrition, exercise, emotional and mental health, and spiritual needs.  Massage and bodywork also available.

Mavens' Haven